BeatMower, Nat’s dj dance music project, is receiving a lot of his attention right now. In early Covid Lockdown, every Saturday night Nat would livestream BeatMower sets for the home dance parties of the world. BeatMower pops up in Golden Gate Park for spontaneous dance parties, with the help of a minimal, bike-mounted sound system. A BeatMower set is a mix of 1) Original sounds recorded in California, Rwanda, Zambia & Ghana; 2) Mixer- & Laptop-controlled Samples and Loops; and 3) Vinyl turntable tracks.  In February 2020 — before the world fell apart — Nat traveled with Hot Buttered Rum to Rwanda and Zambia. Nat’s community rallied behind him and raised money for a new recording studio rig. He recorded several musicians in both countries, and these sounds comprise much of BeatMower’s new original music.Two BeatMower tracks are dropping February 2021. “Kwishima” and “Universe” Both are a collaboration with Rwandan singer Mirasano, along with California aces Reed Mathis, Phil Brezina, and Kyle Ledson.

See Mirasano and BeatMower in action:


Management – Emilie


Instagram: @beatmower